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Enjoy Hamburger Hafen Geburtstag 2021 with Coach Charter Hamburg - your bus company

Enjoy Hamburger Hafen Geburtstag 2021 with Coach Charter Hamburg - your bus company

Hamburger Hafengeburtstag 2021 (Hamburg Port Anniversary 2021)

Every year in May, more than a million tourists commemorate the Hamburg's Hafengeburtstag (Hamburg 's Port Birthday) on the shores of the Elbe River, which gradually becomes the celebration of the Hamburg harbour. This celebration commemorates the May of 1189 when the port of Hamburg became a tax-free region, and proclaimed the growth of foreign prominence and opulence in Hamburg. All parts of the port (Speicherstadt,  the magnificent concert hall Elbphilharmonie, the famous piers at Landungsbrücken) all turn into a site of jubilant celebrations for 3 days of exclusive fun during the annual HAMBURG 'S PORT ANNIVERSARY! Highpoints typically involve the appearance of about three hundred marine vessels (such as; historic boats, old-fashioned sailing yachts and new travel boats) on the river side, and the annual Tugboat Ballet performance, and dazzling display of fireworks on the river. Citizens will participate in a range of culinary pleasures on the harbor shoreline, including live music performances on various platforms. The dates are set for Friday 7 May until Sunday 9 May 2021.

Airport shuttlesBus Service, and Coach Charter Hamburg Tour bus are pleased to be the efficient transportation for tourists to the Hamburg Port anniversary. Wherever your party is, our bus rental company can take charge of your transfers to the festival sites or hotels in Hamburg, and of course to the airport, on schedule. There is the possibility of hiring a long distance coach with driver for a five-days trip visiting other German towns, or traveling to other nations.


Folklore tales say this occurrence date back to the days under the reign of the Roman-German Empire Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. On 7 May 1189 the Emperor accepted the Hamburg port zone tax waiver on commerce. This grant soon became the decisive moment that sparked the growth in wealth and power in Hamburg. With time, spending and increasing the quality of port activities, the tiny town of Hamburg has grown to become the second largest port city in Europe at present. For more than 830 years so far, hence, the unique date of 7 May is still marked as the "birthdate" of the port of Hamburg. Since the anniversary of 1977, though, the celebrations have developed into a weekend-long on-shore and off-shore commemoration, which involves a broad variety of food kiosks, live music performances, and boat pageants. This operation structure has proven to be a fantastic draw for tourists as well as a resounding success for the port control staff. Today the "vast birthday bash party" port of Hamburg is deemed the world's largest single port anniversary event. Our Coach Charter Hamburg bus company will use reliable charter bus or airport shuttle services to take you on your journey. Your party would be delighted to meet our new fleet of vans, professional drivers and trained staff of the contract offices.


Every anniversary weekend duration will consist of more than two hundred different activities with some on the river and some on the banks of the river, which in turn organize the annual Port Anniversary celebrations in Hamburg.

Offshore Events

The most famous are the performances on the Elbe 's surface. The highlights include marine processions such as the Grand Arrival Parade, the Tugboat Ballet and the AIDA fireworks show. Many marine activities feature motorized yachts' boat parades, steamships and traditional sailing ships, dramatic sea-rescue action displays. Sporting competitions such as sailing regattas, water-skiing and dragon boat races also take place. The official water agencies such as the Waterways Police; the Customs Police, the Federal Water Force, the DGzRS Lifesaving Service, and the Fisheries Protection Force often participate in parading their vessels during the event.

Onshore Events

Rock genres from choirs and heavy metal, with artists changing their performances during the celebrations, there would definitely be a rock category on view serving both preferences across 10 separate levels. Close to St. Michael's Church there will be a fun party for kids to keep the little ones busy and content. You can notice too many various kiosks all over the port region selling local and foreign food for your enjoyment. Visitors should adjust the scenery during the festivities if they like and check out other museums scattered around the UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt district and the Hafen-City area. Coach Charter Europe with its Tour Bus, Bus Business, and Rental Bus Service would be your trustworthy alternative to plan your group's travel across certain busy days for prompt travel to escape any road blocks or traffic jams. You should be assured of traveling as frequently as possible in a secure and relaxed way with Coach Charter Europe.


The Anniversary celebration is still full of thrilling activities. Beginning with the inaugural ceremonies and the grand entrance parade by spectacular fireworks to the incredible stage, and with several other options not to be skipped, please consider the following recommendations for a few things to make sure you appreciate the festival:

Festival Promenade

Tour Beginning from HafenCity, to Landungsbrücken piers and finishing at the St. Pauli fish markets, the six-kilometer coastline would be lined with numerous stands and podiums to appreciate. The Vendors will be selling local food, handicrafts and cocktails to make this chance feel really different. The party will commence early with ten live music stages and more entertainment, but it will hold the celebrations all days.

Ecumenical Opening Service

The annual Port Anniversary Festival will begin the opening service at St. Michael's Church on Friday, May 7, 2021, complemented with performance by the De Tampentrekker shanty choir.

Grand Arrival Parade  

The water show presents flotillas of inspirational sailing yachts such as the unique warships Alexander von Humboldt II, Kruzenshtern, Mir, Sedov and Cap San Diego. Many of the members would be vehicles from the municipality such as the naval fire department and police forces that would both cross the Landungsbrücken piers in the water front. Remote Ballet

The Tugboat Ballet 

This performance is a must see spectacle, featuring its immense strength, water canons and excellent maneuvering skill, with classical music supporting their dance. Please notice that the water canons are very heavy and the crowd can be battered with any water drizzlement. 

Fireworks at AIDA

The festival's biggest attraction is the spectacular fireworks show on Saturday evening that illuminates the dark sky over the city of Hamburg. Cruise ships participate in light beaming screens and ears. It is recommended that you be at the Landungsbrücken piers or on the water side in the HafenCity neighborhood for the best perspectives.

Grand Departure Parade 

The festival concludes its processions as a perfect conclusion to a fantastic festival with an spectacular departure on the water show, during which the sailing yachts, tugboats and cruise liners bid their heartfelt farewells to the city, town and, of course, to the crowd. The most new fire service ship "Branddirektor Westphal" in Europe will join as a special pleasure too. With 48 years of experience in the charter bus and airport shuttle bus industry, where you will actually appreciate making a fantastic ride to Hamburg. 

Coach Charter Hamburg tour bus service is ready. You may choose to book every modern bus size for your community needs with our nearby tour bus depot available. For your community itinerary, Bus Rental will meet your airport shuttle needs, city transfers via chartered bus or a full-day charter bus operation. We are looking for ward to your inquiry so that we can make an bid to your party in Hamburg the best suits.

Please find more information about the Hamburg Port Anniversary in the official website.



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