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Top 10 places in Bremen with Coach Charter Hamburg - your bus company

Top 10 places in Bremen with Coach Charter Hamburg - your bus company
The Hanseatic City of Bremen is situated close to the North Sea in northwestern Germany - about 1 hour away from Hamburg. Bremen is not just a city but a federal state composed of two cities: Bremen and Bremerhaven. With its more than 1,200 years of existence, Bremen is mainly renowned for shipbuilding and maritime trade. Native to Bremen are food brands such as Jacobs coffee, Becks beer, and Hachez chocolate. The main trading nowadays takes place in Bremerhaven 's new offshore harbor.

When you plan to travel with a group to Bremen, then Coach Charter Hamburg is your partner for the bus company. Airport shuttle, airport transfer, bus or coach rental with driver as well as chartered long distance tour busses can be provided. We are a family-owned bus service with over 40 years of coach operating experience. If it comes to travel events and bus tours, you should believe the experts.

Want ideas on where to go in Bremen? The following are the Top 10 locations to travel in Bremen by Coach Charter Hamburg:

1. Schnoor

The Schnoor is Bremen 's oldest and most prominent neighborhood. Visiting these small and narrow paths of the last century can make you feel like cycling. The region of Schnoor is near to the Weser Channel, which used to be the quarter of the fishermen. Here you can notice loads of nice cafés and restaurants. It is only a minute's stroll from downtown.

2. Kunsthalle

The famous Kunsthalle in Bremen lies between the Old Town and The Viertel, this is the art museum. A large variety of art collections from the 14th century up to the present day are on view. Paintings by Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne and Paula Modersohn-Becker can be found here. Many seasonal exhibitions, during the year, compliment the collection. For this purpose rental bus will be your transport.

3. Universum science CENTer

Looking for a venue for your group to learn and have fun? You should consider the Universum Science Center the best place to be. It's just about thinking, contacting, experiencing and discovering the discovered discovery of life, planet and the universe. The site is also often booked for seminars and shows as a venue for events. The Universum Research Center is situated just outside Bremen City Centre. Tell the chartered bus driver to drive you over there.


What would become of Bremen without its most famous icons. It is worthy of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bremen Market Square is the city's most impressive place. The Market Square and the Town Hall, designed between 1405 and 1410. Close to the Town Hall is a light sculpture of the City Musicians. Each German child had been born with Brother Grimm's children's tale. The Roland of Bremen which is the town's patron saint stands in the center of this ensemble. The Christmas Market and the Freimarkt Fair are held two times a year right on the Market Square. Our Bus Company is here to drive you around those beautiful placs.

5. Valentin SUBMARINE Factory

The old Valentin submarine factory is based in Bremen-North and is a sight for those involved in the dark part of Bremen 's past. After World War II this plant was designed to build submarines. It was the biggest plant of its type in Germany throughout its dimensions. Forced labor, the Nazis used it to create and sustain. We suggest renting a bus which will carry you to Bremen-North.


The Grashoff Bistro was established in 1872, with its delicatessen store. Here in the center of Bremen you'll find a fine-dining restaurant with a French eye. All the dishes served are of high quality but absolutely worth it. You will get to this wonderful institution by tour bus.


The Bremer Bürgerpark is Bremen 's green spirit. The 202 hectares of forest, lush green, flowers and animals welcome you to take a relaxing stroll with your party. The Bürgerpark is sponsored and operated by the people who give this park its name. There's a mini-golf area in the center and you can hire vessels to travel down the channel too.

8. schüttinger

Lovers of local cuisine and craft beer will have fun at The Schüttinger-the oldest brew pub in Bremen. Located in the city center near the Market Square, after a long day, you and your friends would have the ideal evening. The environment is Rustic and Traditional. The European coach charter will bring you there.


Louis & Jules stocks new Burgers and own delicacies such as olive oil. It is situated in the Überseestadt Rebellion which is the old harbor district which has now become a trendy quarter. It has a casual Burger Bar with plates to match any palate.


Worpswede is a nice little town 20 kilometers outside Bremen. It is renowned for the many artists who have lived and still live here. The most prominent artist who worked here currently is Paula Modersohn-Becker. Our Coach Charter Europe bus service will hire a bus to you and your party and makes it convenient to get to Worpswede. Spending a full day at Worpswede certainly worth it.

Coach Charter Hamburg will help you drive through and around Bremen and Bremerhaven alongside your party. A reserved airport shuttle will carry you directly to the City Center and your hotel, once you arrive at the Bremen Airport. In our bus service hire a tour bus with driver to visit the best locations in Bremen. A chartered bus is the perfect option irrespective of whether you're on a business trip or for pleasure.

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